State Legislation 2020

On 3/18/20, Governor Reynolds signed SF 2357 into law, taking effect immediately. This legislation marks large and significant changes to Iowa code and rules. The major changes in this legislation include:

  • Allow PAs to prescribe all medications for which they have the training or experience to prescribe, bringing Iowa in line with the laws in surrounding states;
  • Update the language surrounding PA supervision and practice to increase flexibility while preserving the PA-physician team dynamic;
  • Allow PAs to be rendering providers under Medicaid (a provision currently adopted in 44 other states); and
  • Amend statutory language to add PAs to provisions related to damages for medical malpractice claims and dispensing of medications to patients in certain situations.
  • Make rules much more flexible for remote site medical clinics by eliminating in person visits from physicians and limiting mandatory chart review and co-signature requirements

You can find the full legislation here:

These changes have garnered Iowa four more of the AAPA Six Key Elements of a Modern PA Practice, bringing our total to five of six. This puts us close to, or on par with our neighboring states, making us much more competitive in retaining and recruiting practicing and graduating PAs.

Additionally, these updates will provide increased flexibility during the COVID-19 crisis, allowing practices more flexibility with their PAs, especially in remote site clinics where these changes provide less paperwork and regulation and no in person site visits from a physician.

Thank you for your grassroots efforts to continue our forward motion on a better practice environment for Iowa.

Jim Earel, PA-C
Iowa PA Society Legislative Committee Chair