Please complete the form below to donate to the Iowa PA PAC.  Please note that donations must be made on a personal credit card and not linked to a business account.

The IPAS Political Action Committee (Iowa PA-PAC) accepts voluntary donations and uses them to make nonpartisan contributions to officeholders/candidates who support optimal utilization of PAs and to those who hold the potential to best impact the current IPAS legislative agenda. Contributions can be any amount or nothing at all and this will not affect membership status, rights or benefits.

Iowa PA-PAC contributions to officeholders/candidates are based on one or more of the following:

  • Input from IPAS Lobbyists
  • Furthering the mission of the Legislative Committee’s current legislative agenda
  • Opportunity for increased recognition of PAs.

The Iowa PA-PAC notifies members and donors that contributions to campaigns do not constitute a public endorsement by IPAS. IPAS believes each member should support the officeholder/candidate of their choice.
Iowa PA-PAC does not support any one political party. Campaign contributions to officeholders and candidates are made on a nonpartisan basis.

Please do not place a dollar sign ($), comma (,) or any other symbol in the donation amount area above- this will cause the payment amount to be incorrect or to fail.

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