2020-2021 Board of Directors Candidate Statements

Josh Gustafson for IPAS President - Elect
My name is Josh Gustafson, and I am running for the position of IPAS-President Elect. I graduated from Des Moines University in 2009, and have practiced in Orthopedics, Family Medicine, Dermatology, and Internal Medicine. I have been with UnityPoint Clinic for over 6 years now, and I have served on the Advanced Practice Practitioner Committee, the Provider Engagement Team, and the Cultural Advisory Committee. My current role is as a PA-C in a West Des Moines Internal Medicine Practice. I served on the IPAS Spring CME committee and most recently have been serving as your IPAS-Secretary and Membership Committee Chair.
My interest in serving on the IPAS board goes back to my interest in initially becoming a PA. I love helping people, teaching, and I thrive in a team environment utilizing each individual’s abilities maximally. I believe the PA profession is a great way to take care of people in our communities with limited physician availability. The flexibility of the PA profession has allowed me to learn from multiple physicians, and I ultimately provide better care because of the experiences I have had. I believe the PA profession, with the education we receive, serves the medical community and society in ways other professions cannot. The training we receive mirrors our physician colleagues and prepares us to assist those physician colleagues in a variety of fields from specialty care to primary care. My goal is to ensure we are able to serve our patients and colleagues, and assist legislators, physicians, patients, and society to understand our role and the services we provide.
I believe the Physician Assistant profession is vital to the ever changing medical profession, and have been pleased with where the IPAS Board has been able to go over 2020 and hope to help lead ongoing advancement of our profession over the next 3 years. Thank you for your consideration and vote.

Lori Anderson for IPAS Secretary
I would be honored to be considered for the position on the IPAS Board of Directors Director at Large. I was born and raised in Iowa and have participated in many facets of health care. I am a graduate of the University of Iowa PA program. I have previously provided care in family medicine in two rural areas, worked in the Pharmaceutical industry, and did disease management consulting for an international company devoted to the treatment of obesity and its complications.
I have recently joined the faculty at Northwestern College Masters of PA Studies Program and am very excited to be part of this amazing team. As an educator, my motivation on the IPAS board would be to work hard to provide an environment in Iowa that is PA friendly and would allow our graduates the opportunity to work at the greatest possible level of their PA education. I could speak to the rigors of a PA education and how we are well prepared to practice in an “Optimal Team Practice” setting. I will work to reduce the barriers that limit that opportunity.
My experience in negotiation and collaboration would serve well to help advance the issues PAs are facing in our state. I have developed many lasting relationships with providers and health system administrators and could leverage those to advance our profession. I have also established very positive relationships with some key legislators such as Senators Whiting and Feenstra who reside in my area.
I am passionate about the promotion and support of our very valuable profession and would appreciate your vote! Please feel free to contact me at 712-541-9411 if you have any questions regarding my candidacy. I am also available by email at lori.anderson@nwciowa.edu. I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective to the board!

Ed Friedmann for IPAS Board Secretary
In these challenging days of the COVID 19 pandemic lie both danger and opportunity. To help us make the most of this opportunity I am asking your support as a candidate to serve as Iowa PA Society Secretary. Recent restrictive Iowa regulations have made PA practice needlessly complicated and PAs less competitive in the marketplace.
This happened despite many years of successful experience with flexible PA regulations, and repeal of many of these restrictions by the 2017 lowa Legislature. 2020 Iowa PA legislation has removed some of these barriers to care but significant restrictions remain. If elected I will work together with supporters of accessible medical care to secure sensible PA-physician regulations so our patients will have better access to quality care. These include:
• Ensuring PAs are allowed to use their skills to help patients
• Securing a level playing field for PAs
• Increasing involvement by new generations of PAs
• Developing flexible regulations so PAs remains viable in the health care marketplace
• Be accessible to PAs by posting my e mail and phone number

My qualifications include serving as a Green Beret combat medic in Vietnam, Iowa PA Regulatory Board chair, IPAS and AAPA legislative committees chair, IPAS and the AAPA president, Des Moines (DMU) PA Program Clinical Coordinator, PA student preceptor, student scholarship fund raiser and as the sole medical care provider in Redfield, Iowa (pop. 835) for the past 35 years. During this time I served as one of the leaders who helped secure Iowa PA prescribing, insurance coverage, a PA regulatory board, PA Medicare coverage (including the recent hospice and home health care coverage), among other successes. As always your suggestions and help are needed and welcome. I ask for your vote. Thank you.

Ed Friedmann, PA-C , edfriedman@aol.com 515 729-1802 (c)

David Lane for IPAS Director-At-Large
I am asking for your support to be the Director at large and to remove all barriers to our practice. I plan to greatly improve the care to our patients and position us to gain a greater foothold in the marketplace through deregulation. We have gained some great ground this year and now is the time to push for full Optimal Team Practice.
- Allow practice without a specific physician supervisor
- Remove physician liability
- Ensure PA board is the only governing body for Iowan PAs
Prior to becoming a PA, I was a critical care RN in heart and lung transplant for 4 years. I attended South College for PA school through the Health Service Collegiate program and then served in the Navy for 3 years deploying to Africa with the USMC and on the USNS Comfort for hurricane relief. When not deployed I practiced Family Medicine at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune. I also was a preceptor for other HSCP students while serving at the Naval Hospital. I came to Iowa and trained at the University of Iowa APP EM Residency. I now practice at 3 critical access hospitals in both EM and Hospitalist roles. I am currently enrolled at the Butler University to attain my Doctorate in Medical Science. I’ve practiced in multiple specialties in settings from the austere to academic medicine to help me understand the perspective of nearly every PA in Iowa. I hope to have your support and bring your vision of our future to fruition.

Greg Randolph for IPAS Director-At-Large
I am asking for your support as a candidate for the IPAS Board of Directors at large position. Having served as the only full-time source of medical care in the small town of Gladbrook for the last 30 years I know all too well the challenges of providing such needed care. With the ever-changing health care system it is very important that PAs must be represented when any health care policy decisions are made. In the past I have served as IPAS President and have helped secure PA prescribing, insurance coverage, and regulation by a PA regulatory board. PAs are most likely to continue our advances when the IPAS Board has a combination of youth and experience and we work together to use both to improve access to care in Iowa I am willing and able to serve. I ask for your vote.

Laura Delaney for AAPA House of Delegates Representative
My name is Laura Delaney. I would like to represent you and our fellow Iowa PAs as a House of Delegates (HOD) representative. I have been a PA for 21 years, both as a practicing and as a PA educator. I feel blessed to be part of a profession that supports not just a few but the entire field of practicing PAs. As an HOD representative I would be your voice, and your connection to the inner workings of our profession. Representation in the House of Delegates is based on how many members each state association /society has. Please renew your membership each year and encourage your peers to do so too. Advocacy at the state level has been robust this past year. Thank you to the legislative committee and all you for your support of these changes that give the professional acknowledgement that PAs deserve each and every day. I have been an alternate HOD and was called to “duty” in the past. I would be honored to be elected to represent the Iowa PAs at our national assembly.
I would appreciate your vote for the opportunity to represent the PAs of Iowa in the House of Delegates.

Carol Gorney for AAPA House of Delegates Representative
Hello, my name is Carol Gorney. I was raised in the Midwest and have strong Iowa ties. I am a graduate of the University of Iowa PA Program and have had the privilege of practicing in Iowa for many years. I have been provided many great opportunities in Iowa. I worked in a busy rural family practice, obstetrical and neonatal care, ER and PA education. These opportunities keep me aware of the changing landscape as the PA profession moves forward many challenges that PA’s face in today’s healthcare systems.

I have been an active member of both IPAS and AAPA since I was student and I have served as IPAS president, a board member at large, the HOD and the legislative committee. IPAS’ advocacy efforts for the last two years has led to the successful passage of key legislation to advance PA profession in the state of Iowa this year. Our work is not done, we need to continue to work with other health professions and our legislators to improve Iowa PA’s ability to practice at the top of their scope of practice to grow this profession. I believe my previous experiences on the legislative committee, the board and the HOD provide a wide range of experiences that make me well suited to serve as an HOD representative.

Jared Wiebel for AAPA House of Delegates Representative
My name is Jared Wiebel, and I am asking for your vote to continue as an Iowa Delegate to the American Academy of Physician Assistants. I have enjoyed my 3 previous terms of serving in the House and would like to continue to represent Iowa and our issues on a National scale. I am a graduate of Butler University and am in my 10th year of practice in Emergency Medicine. I am currently employed with East Central Iowa Acute Care, practicing at both St. Luke's in Cedar Rapids, and Buchanan County Health Center in Independence. I have enjoyed my time as a Delegate both as a student and representing IPAS.

In the past House Assemblies, I have served as a Reference Committee member, and look forward to increasing my leadership roles through the House and AAPA. I will continue to work with the IPAS Board members, as well as Delegates throughout the country, to make sure we have a voice in the House regarding issues to our everyday practice and profession. The House is currently set up to vote and discuss on several issues that will be paramount to our profession, and I would be privileged to be a part of those essential decisions. I would appreciate your vote to continue serving as an Iowa Delegate to the House.