Fall Newsletter 2021

President's Message from Josh Gustafson

gustafson joshua 1548491368Ahhhhh my favorite time of year. Football, changing leaves, pumpkin beer (and everything else) and of course, IPAS Fall CME. We are excited to bring another round of riveting speakers through the wonders of virtual platform to all of you across Iowa, and who knows maybe across the world!  

You have and will continue to see the proposed by-laws change that we will be voting on during our Annual Meeting. Please attend and voice your vote so we can have a quorum but also so your opinion is heard.

As always, we continue to work on improving practice for PA’s here in Iowa. If you have interest in giving committees, the board or other IPAS opportunities a whirl please reach out to me. If I can do it, anyone can!


Legislative Update from Jim Earel

It has been a quiet time for the legislative committee this summer as the legislature adjourned. It was just announced that the Legislative Services Agency (LSA) has completed the first version of the redistricting map and the legislature will convene on October 5th for a special session to review and vote on whether to approve the first version. If they do not approve the first version, the LSA has 35 days to create a second version for the legislature to review. Information on the first version is available on the Iowa Redistricting Page. There will be three public virtual hearings for public input, dates and times available on the Iowa Redistricting Page.


Jim Earel PA-C
IPAS Legislative Committee Chair

Fall CME - Register Now!

Event Details Header CVENT Fall21

Join Us for Fall CME!

We look forward to welcoming many PAs from across the state at our Fall Healthcare in the Heartland Virtual CME being held October 4-6.

Committee chair Jeremy Nelson along with Fall Committee members Lori Anderson, Mary Jo Bloominger, Alexandra Brunner, Marc Doobay, Katy Duffy, Carol Gorney, Nguyen-Ly Huynh, Priya Thomas and Jared Wiebel worked hard to put together three days of great content! Many thanks to each of them for their commitment to pulling together another great CME opportunity that accommodates flexibility and members schedules, as well as a thank you to all speakers who give their time and knowledge.

As in past CMEs we will have sponsored sessions and a virtual exhibit all. We encourage everyone to attend these sessions and interact with the sponsor and our exhibitors to show our gratitude as they continue to financially support our organization.

Each year during Fall CME we host our Annual Membership Meeting. In this meet we look forward to discussing the latest news and issues within the organization as a whole and future involvement opportunities. Legislative issues continue to remain a priority among the group and will be highlighted during multiple sessions at Fall CME.

Your participation at each of our CME events is a valuable way to stay connected to the profession, to colleagues from across the state, and to gather important resources for your professional development. We appreciate you taking the time away from your day-to-day schedules to join us at our CME events, and we look forward to seeing many of you virtually soon!


Student Reports

Des Moines University

DMU1st year students
The PA 23s are four months into their didactic training. The students have just completed their first simulated patient experience and have had the unique opportunity to participate in a National Alliance on Mental Illness provider workshop. They are currently learning pharmacology, behavioral and respiratory medicine. Outside the classroom, students are volunteering to become mentors to pre-PA students at Drake and Iowa State University. The PA 23s also received their white coat back in August and look forward to wearing them with pride and compassion.

2nd year students
The PA 22s are four months into their clinical year thus far! They have been scattered all over the country from Pennsylvania to Idaho in a variety of medical specialties. Some of the students have taken End of Rotation Exams to test their knowledge and to help better prepare for the PANCE come next year. They are enjoying interacting with patients face-to-face and putting their physical diagnosis skills to the test. In October, they will return to campus for the Fall On Campus Assessment (FOCA) where they are excited to see their classmates again.

Northwestern College
Class of 22:  Our 2nd year students have all finished their didactic year. A pinning ceremony was held to celebrate the end of their didactic year. They have all started their clinical rotations in various locations, with their first rotation exams right around the corner.

Class of 2023:  Our 1st year students have begun their fall semester and recently finished our infectious disease and hematology unit as well as learned about administration of IVs and injections. The student government election was also held in which students were appointed to various roles and leadership positions.

University of Dubuque
Our first years completed orientation at the end of July, where they went on a trolley ride and participated in a ropes course. They are now a month into their coursework! The PA1s and PA2s attended Senator Grassley's visit to receive his award from IPAS. PA2s and some PA3s attended a workshop through Iowa School of Wilderness Medicine. They learned splinting, apply torniquets, altitude sickness, and common scenarios. The PA2s are preparing for their end of summative exam and White Ceremony in December. PA3s have three more clinical rotations and are excited to graduate this December!

University of Iowa
The Class of 2023 finished their orientation at the end of August with their White Coat Ceremony. They are currently taking classes in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Patient skills, and Medicine and Society. The Class of 2022 is in their last semester of didactic year before they begin clinicals in January. They have just finished Microbiology and are getting to go over to the hospital to interview patients and work on their oral reporting before clinicals. The Class of 2021 is finishing up their last few months of clinicals before they graduate in December. They are busy beginning studying for the PANCE and starting to look for jobs. Students from all classes in our program have been volunteering to help with Iowa football games every weekend to fundraise (Go Hawks!). We will be picking our volunteer organization to sponsor and work alongside at the next Student Government meeting.

  AAPA House of Delegates Update


HOD will be held in person this year, the day before the 2022 AAPA Annual Conference in Indianapolis IN 5/20-22.
Currently they are calling for volunteers and if interested you can visit the HOD Volunteer Page. We are in the preparation phase this time of year and many delegates across the country are writing resolution to affect AAPA policy/bylaws/beliefs.
Bylaws Resolutions submissions are due by 2/19/22.
Non-bylaws Resolutions are due by 3/21/22.

5 year policy review has been assigned and three referred groups will be working on them. If you have interest in having input you can find them on the HOD page.
There has also been a task force assigned to review the entire manual and consolidate redundancies and recommend any additions to fill potential gaps.

Name change Update. It is linked on the main AAPA page.
As of now it is still recommended not to use the title in a professional manner until further instructions are provided by AAPA.
Follow the timeline to see where we are in the process.
The name change is no longer in care of the HOD, rather it is the AAPA BOD duty to see it through.

Thank you all for caring about our patients and profession. Thank you for voting and allowing us to serve you in this capacity.

Jeremy Nelson

Proposed Bylaws Changes

Currently, IPAS bylaws fit the apportionment previously allocated to IPAS. IPAS has recently been consistently allotted four representative seats for AAPA, and changing the Bylaws would bring previous election and delegate rotation in line with the new number (from three to four). Additionally, this would better align the HOD terms with the Board of Director terms that change over on July 1.

…current Bylaws excerpt

Article VII: Election of the Board of Directors and AAPA Delegates

Section 7: AAPA Delegate
The term of delegates to the AAPA House of Delegates shall be three years, beginning July 15 and end on the same date three years later, with the exception of those delegates representing the Student Academy.

…Proposed Bylaws - changes indicated by bold and underlined formatting.

Article VII: Election of the Board of Directors and AAPA Delegates

Section 7: AAPA Delegate
The term of delegates to the AAPA House of Delegates shall be four years, beginning July 1 and end on the same date four years later, with the exception of those delegates representing the Student Academy.

What does this look like operationally?

For the Board of Directors election immediately following adoption of this amendment change, IPAS will offer a term extension to the currently elected 4th representative, and elect one representative as is standard for IPAS elections.

  Save the Date for Spring CME!

Spring CME Postcard2

  IPAS Announcements

The IPAS Annual Membership Meeting is scheduled for October 5th at 1:30pm.  Please plan to take part as we recap the year and present changes for representing Iowa PAs at the national level through the House of Delegates.

Looking to Get Involved?:  If you're interested in getting involved in IPAS or if you would like more information, please contact the IPAS office: Info@iapasociety.org


  Additional Announcements

Title: Optimizing Potential 2021 - LIVESTREAM
Rekindle meaning in work and home life in this convenient half-day session. Led by a preventive and occupational psychiatrist, this courses offers a solutions-focused approach to lead participants in exploring personal lifestyle habits, values, ideal work and life scenarios, concrete goals, and the importance of positive support systems.
Course Date: November 5, 2021
Registration Website: https://ce.mayo.edu/potential2021

Title: 95th Annual Clinical Reviews
The 95th Annual Clinical Reviews seeks to update primary care providers on the latest recommendations involving medical subspecialties. The course provides a comprehensive program of lectures on topics of general interest in medicine, surgery, and pediatrics relevant to clinical practice. This course offers both live (in-person) and livestream (virtual) registration options.
Course Dates: November 8-9, 2021
Location: Rochester, MN
Registration Website: https://ce.mayo.edu/cr2021