MorrisNancy Morris - Iowa PA of the Year 2010

Nancy Morris is a PA who has worked in Cedar Rapids for more than 25 years, and who has been a key player in achieving major PA legislative accomplishments as well as being an outstanding clinical PA. She pioneered PA practice in Cedar Rapids, one of the most challenging places in Iowa to become accepted as a PAs. Nancy is an outstanding PA clinician who did such a good job that she is well respected by the Cedar Rapids medical community and PAs are now accepted in that town.

Despite her busy clinical practice, teaching students, and raising a family, Nancy never failed to enthusiastically answer a succession of calls for help with PA legislation. By always responding with a can do attitude and asking what she could do to help, she provided timely and essential motivation to the rest of us to continue our efforts despite the seemingly impossible odds against our chances of success. Most importantly, she was especially adept at quickly understanding an issue and explaining it clearly to legislators. She hosted meetings at her home in Cedar Rapids with key legislators at critical times. These leaders included Speaker of the House, Ron Corbett, and Senate Majority Leader, Wally Horn, both of Cedar Rapids. By skillfully explaining the PA concept and the proposed legislative changes, she persuaded these legislative leaders to support crucial PA legislation. Because of this Iowa has one of the best PA laws in the nation. In Iowa PAs and supervising physicians regulate PAs, including PA supervision. PAs are now at the table when medical legislation is considered. Among many legislative accomplishments,

Nancy was instrumental in achieving the following legislative successes, even though each was mistakenly opposed by organized medicine in Iowa.

  • PA separate regulatory board - 1988 PA prescribing - 1991
  • PA third party reimbursement - 1996 PA licensing reform - 2003
  • PA rules reform - 2007
  • PA corporation membership - 2010

In addition to all her work on behalf of sensible legislation for PAs and our physicians, Nancy has been a life long member of the Iowa PA society - helping to provide the financial support essential to meeting our unique challenges in Iowa. Though her consistent efforts to achieve sensible PA regulation, Nancy has helped all of us do a better job of taking care of our patients. All of us owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude for her unfailing efforts to ensure Iowa PA laws allow the physician / PA team to use their skills for the benefit of our patients. The Iowa PA Society is proud to name Nancy Morris, 2010 PA of the Year!

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Barbara Krugler - Iowa PA of the year 2011Barb Krugler

The 2011 Iowa PA of the Year award was announced at the IPAS Fall CME in Coralville. The recipient of this award, Barbara Krugler, was unable to attend the meeting but was applauded by her fellow PAs for her achievements.

Barb graduated with a BS from Iowa State and an MBA from Drake prior to attending DMU where she graduated with a BS in PA studies in 2001 and UNMC accomplishing a MPAS in 2011. She joined the National Guard in June of 2008. She is currently employed at the VA Central Iowa in the pain clinic with Dr. Fred Bahls as her supervising physician. She was previously employed by the Audubon Family Practice and DMOS, Health Emergency ER and at Broadlawns in the walk-in clinic and Internal Medicine clinics.

Barb believes in service and in giving back to her community and her country. She stated she had always wanted to serve in the military and decided that she would begin her service even though she was older than most who begin military careers. She hopes to serve until the military age restrictions prohibit continued service. Working with “some of the best young medics and treating some of the best America has in the way of soldiers” has been a driving force in her PA/Military service. She has had the opportunity to treat local Afghan children, soldiers and police while deployed. She noted they have many of the same illnesses that we do, but a weak medical system from which to

receive care. She enjoys working with the young soldiers as they “keep her young”.

Barb joined IPAS after graduating from DMACC. She believes that PAs should belong to our local PA society to support our local and state wide concerns. She served on the IPAS board for one term.

Barb has been married to her husband, Larry, for 22 years and has two children: Lizzy age 19 who attends ISA , and Ryan, 16 a Junior at ADM high school. Her family has been supportive of her PA and Reserve duties.

IPAS salutes Barb for her dedication to her work as a PA and service to our country. She exemplifies the role that our PA founders envisioned over 40 years ago. Thank you, Barb, for your caring and compassionate service.

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Robyn Nebergall - Iowa PA of the year 2014Robyn PA of the year

Tipton, IA – October 7, 2014 – Robyn Nebergall of Tipton, IA has been named the 2014 Physician Assistant of the Year by the Iowa Physician Assistant Society (IPAS). Requirements for consideration of this award include promoting the Physician Association, volunteering or mission work and being involved in the community.

Aside from working at a Tipton clinic for the past 20 years as a Physician Assistant, Nebergall is a highly visible and active servant within her community. She has volunteered as both a medical advisor and coach on the sidelines of numerous youth sporting events. She attends and participates in a variety of school events, and, on top of it all, has raised a family in the same community.

Nebergall’s dedication to her work as a PA and her time, effort, value, love and servanthood for her community, all while being a busy mother, represent the spirit of the Physicians Assistant profession and have made her an obvious choice for the 2014 Physician Assistant of the Year award.

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Theresa Hegmann - Iowa PA of the year 2013

IMG 4336This year's PA of the year is Theresa Hegmann and it is a great pleasure to present her with this award. She is a colleague and a mentor. Theresa has been an actively practicing PA for 22 years. Her primary role for 12 years is as a faculty member at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicines, Department of Physician Assistant Studies and Services where she is a professor and Director of the Didactic curriculum. Her accomplishments are many and are diverse. She has devoted her most of her time in clinical practice to rural and underserved areas including a remote clinic in the mountains of California, several different underserved populations in Iowa including one with a predominately Hispanic population. She currently works in an urgent care in the greater Iowa City and Muscatine area. Her Supervising physician is Dr. Harriet Echternacht. It is no small task to balance her duties with her role as a PA educator with her clinic duties. She has a strong dedication to promoting and teaching evidence based medicine, this is evident is her practice as well as the education she provided to students.  She teaches Clinical decision making to up and coming PA to provide a strong background and promote lifelong learning. She has received 6 grants for her scholarly work and has had over 20 publications to date including a review articles, journal articles and posters.

She is active participant in PA association's including being fellow member of the AAPA, member of Physician Assistant Education Association, as well as al long time IPAS fellow member. She has received multiple awards including AAFP Recognition for Teaching in Family Practice Medicine, Teaching Scholar, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and the Rising star award from PAEA. She has served the PA profession by serving on the state PA regulatory board as a member and then as the chair of the board. She has pursued her passion for research and evidence based medicine by serving on the PAEA's Research committee and data research sub-committee. She has been as an editor for JAAPA and the Journal of Physician Assistant Education, and participated in multiple review panels. She has been a strong advocate for PA legislation in the state of Iowa and has written, emailed and spoken to many of her legislators to present the issue Pa's in Iowa face and has been a role model for many Pa students.

In short she has provide leadership and service in every aspect of the PA profession, going above and beyond to promote, provide support and educate PA's, increase access to healthcare,  improve legislation for practicing PA's and is very deserving of this award.

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