Iowa PA Society 2020 PA of the Year

Jim McGuire - Iowa PA of the Year 2020

Jim McGuire is a 1978 graduate of the University of Iowa PA Program who has served for 42 years as a Family Medicine PA in Forest City and Buffalo Center, Iowa. In addition he earned certification in emergency medicine and advance trauma management. He has staffed the Buffalo Center, a federally certified Rural Health Clinic since 1980. Also Jim has been the on call PA for the Buffalo Center Timely Mission nursing home and for Winnebago Industries of Forest City for the past 37 years. For more than 40 years he has served as the on call PA for MOSAIC, a home for the physically handicapped.

Jim was inspired to become a PA by his father who served a medic in the US Marine Corps -and his mother who practiced as a registered nurse.

A life long member of the Iowa PA Society and the AAPA Jim went the extra mile to educate legislators about PAs and medical care. Understanding that patients benefit when PAs are allowed to use their skills he always took the time to inform legislators about PA issues. Thought he was busy with his on call schedule he, never-the-less, was instrumental in IPAS efforts that achieved PA prescribing, insurance coverage for PA care, an independent PA Regulatory Board and many other changes that made medical care more accessible for patients. Most recently he helped persuade Rep. Linda Upmeyer to support direct Medicaid payment for PAs in 2019 when she was Speaker of the Iowa House.

One of Jim's Forest City patients, summarized what many others know about him: "Jim McGuire has been my preferred caregiver for years, & he is DEFINITEY a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable P.A. Last week, being in excruciating pain due to two accidents; my blood pressure spiked to 200/105 ~ life-threatening numbers. Jim took all the time I required, and I don't think I'd be here to write this, if he hadn't helped me. He is a WONDERFUL provider & human being!! Thank you, Jim McGuire!"


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