Iowa Physician Assistant Society 2017 Physician Assistant of the Year

Dallas Sanders - Iowa PA of the Year 20172016 PA Of the Year Winner, Luan Montag with her family

October 11, 2017 – Dallas Sanders of Des Moines, IA has been named the 2017 Physician Assistant of the Year by the Iowa Physician Assistant Society (IPAS). Requirements for consideration of this award include promoting the Physician Association, volunteering or mission work and being involved in the community.

Dallas attended the Physician Assistant Program at Touro College, Manhatten Campus and has long been working in Internal Medicine. He shares his knowledge and experience as a PA preceptor for the Des Moines University PA program, taking several PA students throughout the year, and is also an active Diabetes educator. His colleagues see him as a hard-working professional with a, “positive outlook on every patient and scenario,” and his patients, “love him and trust his judgment in every matter.”

IPAS is proud to honor Dallas with the Physicians Assistant of the Year award.


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