2015 PA of the Year

Laura Delaney - Iowa PA of the year 2015

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For the past 15 years plus, Laura has provided effective and quality health care as a PA in the state of Iowa for the adults in emergency medicine and the pediatric and adolescent population in the clinic setting.  She is the only PA in the Bilgi Pediatrics and Adolescence clinic in Ankeny, Iowa.  Since 2009, Laura has been on faculty at Des Moines University, DMU, as a clinical coordinator for the Physician Assistant program.

Promotion of IPAS, Volunteering and Mission Work
Outside of DMU, Laura has served on the Iowa Physician Assistant Board of Directors, been an elected President and Past President of IPAS, committee member and chairperson for the Spring IPAS Conference and an advocate for many legislative initiatives for PA scope of practice issues.

The list of awards and honors that Laura has been granted is exhaustive to include the 2009 Governor’s Volunteer Award for her continuing service to the State of Iowa for volunteer work with the American Lung Association of Iowa 2009 inductee to the Pi Alpha Honors Society for PA education, 2011 Des Moines University recognition by the faculty for the Service Award.  Each year Laura takes a group of DMU PA and medical students to global health mission trips that include several countries in Africa and St. Lucia.

Laura annually supervises students in community health events that range the lifespan to include school sports physicals at rural communities across Iowa and economically challenged population in Des Moines, events coordinator for the DMU Senior Health Fair each November providing bone density/COPD screening at different health fair events, the Iowa State Fair and Iowa Caregivers’ Conference each August.

Community Involvement
Laura provides the students of DMU an opportunity to attend and practice skills at the annual “flu shot” clinics at Bilgi’s Children’s Clinic.  Being an asthma patient herself, she supports the Iowa Lung Association walk and stair climb by participating in the stair climb and challenges her PA students to join her each year.

In her hometown Iowa communities of Ankeny and Saydel, Laura assists with her church youth group. Those that know Laura, realize her excitement for the PA profession and the provision of quality healthcare both locally and internationally.  Laura is excited and determined as a PA to always make sure everyone is aware of the profession she loves.

Dr. Roberta J. Baldus

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