Winter Newsletter 2021

President's Message from Josh Gustafson

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Hey Everyone, what a wonderful time of the year. Growing up in Northern Minnesota where there is already 1 1/2 feet of snow on the ground, I am not too sad that we haven't had much snow in Iowa yet. I know there are a few places that wish they hadn't just got hit with snow. Maybe the rest of us will get a little flurry for the end of December and then it will melt.

As you all prepare for a new year of 2022, so does your IPAS board. We will be looking at our organization and our abilities to provide quality CME, expert lobbyists, and the timely responses and information you need as Iowa PAs. With that said you may see some small changes in the upcoming year. Please know any changes that take place are with the goal of making Iowa the best state to be a PA.

One of those changes will be a new Stacey on your emails and messages. Stacey Reichling has moved to a different position within DMS. A heartfelt thank you to Stacey, but we will still see her from time to time. We then welcome Stacey Nay to fill her shoes. We are excited for both Stacey's and their new roles.  If you have any interest in volunteering, please let us know and as always thank you for everything you do on our frontlines.


Legislative Update from Jim Earel

We have been hard at work with our lobbying team setting up our Legislative Day at the Capitol in Des Moines on January 18th. If you have not signed up yet, do so now!  We are still fleshing out details, and those may not come until a week or two before the 18th. But with the legislature not in session on Monday, we have moved the start time to a lunch instead of a breakfast, as legislators will just be coming into town Tuesday morning. So, no need to wake up super early if you’re traveling from out of town, like I am! Currently, I am thinking that our initial meeting time will be around 11.

The lunch will give us the opportunity to talk with legislators on their way in about our Harmonization Bill. We will be working on messaging for the day, as well as developing handouts for legislators about PAs and our Harmonization Bill. For those who may not remember, the Harmonization Bill passed the House last year, but did not make it out of the Senate before the funnel. Since the session is two years, we have the opportunity this year to only have to worry about passage out of the Senate, as long as no amendments are placed on the bill. The bill has had a good reception from conversations that our lobbying team has had out of session, as well as the good work that you all put in last year.

IPAS will be sending out initial contact scripts for you to send to your legislators soon, to let them know you will be at the Capitol on 1/18 and to ask that they stop by the rotunda to grab a bite and chat. So, keep an eye on your email inbox!

Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!


Jim Earel PA-C
IPAS Legislative Committee Chair

Spring CME

22 Spring CME Email Header
On behalf of the Spring CME Committee Volunteers, I am excited to invite you to the 2022 IPAS Springtime CME Refresher. It will be held May 2-3, 2022 at the West Des Moines Marriott. The committee has been working hard to put together an exciting and educational conference for you. This two-day event will feature many great sessions qualifying for Category 1 CME Credits, as well as both an exhibit hall area and lunch presentations. The best part is that we are planning a fully in-person event!

In addition to Physician Assistant Legislative and AAPA updates, the featured CME credits include sessions related to mental health care, OB/gyn issues, post-COVID health concerns, and more. We will have the full agenda available on the Spring CME page of the IPAS website soon!

I want to personally thank the hardworking Spring CME Committee members in their efforts to put together this fantastic event!

Registration will be opening soon. Rooms are being held for Spring CME attendees at the West Des Moines Marriott at a conference rate of $109/night. Call 515-267-1500 and mention you are an IPAS attendee or visit this Marriott conference website to book your room before April 11, 2022.

Questions? Contact Devin by calling 515-282-8192 or email

Rachel Hersom, PA-C
Spring CME Chairperson

Thank You!

Thank youThank you to all who have generously given to the IPAS Scholarship Fund as well as our Iowa PA PAC! 

Scholarship Donors
Siena Andrus,
Laurie Clair, Libby Coyte, Ed Friedmann, Thomas Hoskins, Sharon Johnson, Janice Lawrence, Kara Long, Kyle Parks

Thanks to all who have helped support our scholarship program, which typically offers $5,000 in funds to students across the state. If you're interested in making a donation, please click here.

PA-PAC Donors
Luan Bargman, Stacey Bean, Nicole Bro, Laurie Clair, Angela Conley, Libby Coyte,
Marc Doobay, Kathleen Duffy, Jim Earel, Michael Farley, Ed Friedmann, Katie Gimbel, Amber Houge, NguyenLy Huynh, Samantha Isaac, Shawn Janssen, Georgia Lauer, Kara Long, Morgan Meissner, Jeremy Nelson, Tonia Odden, Mark Olson, Kyle Parks, Chad Quist, Susan Rhyan, Alissa Schepanski, Nicole Stamer, Priya Thomas, Charles Walters, Natalie Weber, Jennifer Wilsbacher, Grant Wilson

Visit the PAC donation page of the IPAS website to keep our PAC fund strong! This is an important asset in our Advocacy toolbox, so consider a donation today.

Student Reports

DMUDes Moines University
The first-year students are just finishing their second semester of didactic year. They have been busy learning pharmacology, physical exams, respiratory, behavioral medicine, cardiology, GI, and a multitude of other systems. The second-year students are halfway through their clinical year and so excited to spend some time with their families over the holiday break. After some well-deserved time off, they will continue another month of rotations before returning to campus for another On-Campus Assessment.  

The new campus continues to make way. A few months ago, students, faculty, and staff were able to make their mark on the future of the DMU community by signing an I-beam that was placed in what will become the Edge of Advancement Building. To keep updated with the progress and see building plans visit DMU’s website.  

Photo courtesy of Des Moines University

Northwestern College
The first years are wrapping up their semester next week. They finished their semester with the HEENT module and participated in fluorescein staining as well as cerumen irrigation in the lab. They held a Friendsgiving party and made homemade Christmas cards for the local nursing home residents. They also participated in Operation Christmas Child and filled boxes with various items for children in need of a Christmas gift. Finally, they wrapped up the semester by having a fun-filled Jeopardy Clinical Medicine review game with the faculty.

Our second year students are finishing up their first blocks of clinical rotations and preparing for end of term exams. They will spend one week together working in skills labs and hearing from a wide variety of guest lecturers on various topics. In addition, they will continue to let their lights shine during this holiday season by creating cards for local hospital patients.

Saint Ambrose University
The class of 2021 are finishing up their rotations and are excited to graduate this December. They are all working hard on reviewing and studying for boards and some are in the process of interviewing for jobs!

The class 2022 are hard at work with their clinical rotations and studying for their end of rotation exams.

The class of 2023 are currently finishing up their fall semester. During the fall many of the class have helped out in the community and with refugees. They are eager to start their spring semester. They will be taking courses such as pharmacology, problem-based learning, medicine, clinical skills, and evidence-based learning.

University of Dubuque
While preparing for our first semester finals, the class of 2023 is still finding ways to handle stress. With multiple study breaks consisting of potlucks to celebrate the holidays, secret Santa gift exchange, and preparing for the intramural volleyball championship, we continue to find ways to keep each other motivated. Good luck to the graduating class of 2021 and the class of 2022 as they begin their clinical rotations!

PA2s are finishing the last semester of didactic! As we complete our summative exams, we will also be receiving our white coats on December 10th. We will soon complete clinical orientation to prepare for rotations starting in January. The PA3s have wrapped up the final parts of their clinical year, including presenting their capstone projects. They will be graduating on December 10th! We are excited to move forward to the clinical phase and to see the PA3s off to their next adventure!

University of Iowa
The PA3 class of 2021 graduated on Friday, December 3 and have been working hard preparing to take their PANCE exam. We are so proud of their accomplishments and wish them luck in the job search.

The PA2 class of 2022 is working hard as they finish up their didactic work and prepare to start clinical rotations in January. They have also made sure to have some fun while wrapping up the semester by winning the intramural volleyball championship with Tom O’Shea, the Director of Administrative and Student Services, and hosting a bowling event for all PA classes.

The PA1 class of 2023 has been working hard since Thanksgiving break to finish out a successful first semester of didactic course work and are looking forward to a nice break for the holidays. Throughout the last three weeks of the semester they have also been taking breaks, including getting together for a pancake breakfast and playing yard games at lunch thanks to the warm weather.

  IPAS Staffing Update

SNayPlease welcome the new IPAS Executive Director, Stacey Nay! Stacey brings years of medical non-profit management experience to our team and has been transitioning into her role since our Fall CME.

A Des Moines native, Stacey graduated from Coe College in Cedar Rapids with a degree in Political Science and English. Following graduation, Stacey spent nearly two years on staff for Senator Edward Kennedy in Washington, D.C. Upon returning to Des Moines, her career has been spent mostly working in non-profit associations from the Iowa Pork Producers Association to the Iowa Hospital Association, focusing on primarily on advocacy and conference planning.

Stacey is currently serving on the board of Calvin Community, is the volunteer coordinator for the Des Moines Arts Festival, and volunteers with EveryStep and AHeinz57 Pet Rescue.

You can reach Stacey at and 515-282-8192, as well as our association email

Devin Keyes continues to guide our CME committees, with our Spring CME coming up in May! 

Stacey and Devin are very excited for all 2022 will bring for IPAS! "I am excited so very excited to meet everyone in person in 2022! Since I have worked with IPAS as the CME coordinator, everything has run remotely. As much as I enjoyed that, I am excited to see everyone in person and get to know not only the committees I’ve had the pleasure to work with but the membership face to face.  I think 2022 will be an exciting year and I can’t wait to see what it bring and how IPAS continues to grow.", said Devin.  Stacey mentioned, "I’m so happy to have started right in on Legislative Day and look forward to meeting you there in-person. I think there are a lot of opportunities for growth for IPAS, legislatively and through membership!  As we head into a new year, I’m thankful for the opportunity to start getting to know you all and grow IPAS in meaningful ways."


  Save the Date for Fall CME!

Save the Date Fall 2022

  IPAS Membership

As IPAS looks to the future, it's imparitive that we have the support of PAs throughout the state. This organization is run by volunteer members and supported by dues revenue, so please be sure you've renewed your membership for this year 2021-2022.  We're also asking you to reach out to your friends / colleagues to make sure they're aware of IPAS, our programming, and ask them to be members as well.  We want to be sure IPAS continues to have a healthy future and we need you to make sure that happens.  Click here to renew your membership if you need to, and THANK YOU to those who have already shown their support through membership.

Looking to Get Involved?:  If you're interested in getting involved in IPAS or if you would like more information, please contact the IPAS office:


  Additional Announcements

Title: 2022 Institute for Person-Centered Care Conference
Continuing Education Credits will be supported by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Inter-professional Continuing Education Partnership and Genesis Health System
Course Date: January 14-15
Registration Website: