2021 Virtual Legislative Day

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RSVP Now For IPAS Virtual Legislative Day on February 24, 2021.

Legislative Day This Year Is Designed To Work Into Your Schedule!

Join us this year for Advocate from Home day, February 24, 2021. We’ve got both live and on-demand sessions planned for you, including an opportunity to earn CME!

You may notice that this is an updated date for this event. We apologize for this change, but hope our new date of February 24th will provide us better opportunities to get our message to our legislators and improve the visibility of our Harmonization Bill.




What To Expect This Year

On-Demand Webinar:
Jim Earel “2021: Continuing Improvements and Harmonization”

This session will cover a brief history of last year and how impactful Legislative day was in 2020. We’ll also discuss what we’re working on this year, legislators who are working hard on our behalf and what this legislation does for PAs. To finish up, your specific next steps are outlined and the timeline of what’s to come.

Lunch Live Webinar:
“Connect with Iowa Legislators”

We will have Iowa Legislators joining us live to present and take your questions! This is an excellent opportunity to meet “face-to-face virtually” and practice your skills for advocating in a new virtual format.

“The Truth about PAs and Advocacy Series”

Take time to not only expand your advocacy skills, but also earn CME!
Legislators want to hear from PAs, advocacy is something all PAs can, and should, do. This two-part CME series is designed to educate, encourage, and inspire PAs to become advocates on behalf of the profession. These interactive modules explain the power that grassroots advocates have in the legislative process and provide concrete examples of simple actions PAs can take to build relationships with legislators and achieve advocacy success for the profession.
*** this session provided by AAPA, you do not need to be a current member of AAPA, but you will need to register with the website to view this content.

Write Your Legislator:

Your legislators want to hear from you! We’ll send you sample letters, talking points, and where to find your legislator’s information. Writing a letter and sending it snail mail, send an email, request a virtual meeting – all of these are very important ways to spread the message and further our Legislative goals. If you want assistance, just let us know! IPAS is here to help you along the way!

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Find my Legislators

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FAQs For Our February 24th Virtual Legislative Day

Why do I need to RSVP?
We will want to send you links for the content and call information for the live webinar. We will send exact timing and Zoom information as soon as that's available.

What will we talk about / what should I write about?
This is your opportunity to talk with state leaders about your practice and improving access to care for Iowans. We've been working with the Medical Society and other stakeholders to improve flexibility to PA practice and increase access to quality care. We're looking to help solve workforce issues related to the forecasted shortage of PAs (due to retirement or relocation) as well as the looming shortage of Physician providers by increasing flexibility within statutes and rules and allowing for better collaboration within the healthcare team. By doing this, we hope to increase PA retention rates following graduation as well as increase recruitment from other states.

I'm not familiar with advocacy or talking to my legislators, can you help?
Meeting with legislators is not as daunting as it sounds, they WANT to hear from their constituents and know what is important within their local communities. IPAS will have sample letters and talking points ready to go that will help you through the process. Also, if you set up a virtual meeting with your legislators, IPAS can work with you if you'd like a Board Member or Legislative Committee Member on the call with you!